Why We Choose to Homeschool Secularly

Living in the South, it doesn't surprise anyone when Arthur & I tell people that our family chose to homeschool.  What does surprise everyone, though, is that we have chosen to homeschool in a secular environment.  What this means is that we don't have religion classes, we don't use the Bible for our lessons, and we teach our children that religion and politics should remain divided.

Many people assume we are atheists.  We are not.

If we're not atheists, you may wonder, why wouldn't I teach from a religious standpoint? Here's why: I tell them what I believe when they ask, and usually try to give an example of what someone else might believe, but I'll never tell my children what to believe.  We hope to teach Xavier and India, and any other children enter our lives, to respect all religions and to find the path that is right for them.  In fact, we are exposing them to other religions because we want them to one day choose their own paths.  Am I scared that they'll end up worship some heathen god or worse yet, no god at all?  No. We respect their right to think for themselves, and besides:  actions are more important than beliefs.  

In fact, if that is the undercurrent of everything that I do teach them, then I'll consider our homeschooling adventure a success.