Sometimes Things Just Don't Work Out

Obviously I wanted my first post to be perfect.  You know - nothing short of glorious, inspiring, beautiful beyond my wildest dreams.  A true breakout to show the world how truly talented I am.  So how was I surprised when this didn't work out? 

The first project I wanted to show was my Halloween mantle, decorated perfectly with nothing but black and white.  Unfortunately, some lights that were integral to my display went missing.  Determined to forge ahead, I created some adorable Halloween houses from leftover cardboard bits.  Unfortunately again, the houses proved too big to fit on the mantles (more on them later, though).  So I was left with nothing essentially.

Only slightly daunted, I decided to showcase a project early.  "Great idea!" I thought.  This project was/is my current favorite Halloween project and it was complete.  All that was needed was for it to be hung and then I could photograph and blog away.  But it didn't look great hung.  I realized that I needed to make a few changes for it to be as striking as I wanted it to be.  Unfortunately, that would take time that I don't have.

Next idea was a failed paint chip art project I set aside awhile ago.  I knew how I could make it work, and it would only take an hour or so, so I brought out the materials I needed and settled in for some fun work.  But the X-acto blade was dull and ended up ripping and pulling more than it cut.  And, so, I was left empty-handed and my self-imposed deadline to write my first post on this new-old blog passed.  

But I will not be held down!  Life is full of surprises, but the fact that my projects are taking longer than expected is not one of them.  I'll just have to allow for more cushion time between a planned finish of a project and the posting of it here.  Hopefully, my lesson is learned.  As for you...

All of these projects will be written about here before the month is up, and one project will grace the pages of this blog by midnight.  You have my word.