Tuesday's Toy: Pirate & Princess Peg Dolls


We are a loyal bunch here. Xavier became infatuated with pirates when he was 1 1/2 years old and has never wavered. India has had princess fever for nearly as long. And peg dolls are a perennial hit.  

I love peg dolls because of how easy they are to transport; we take some with us everywhere we go - restaurants,  road trips, and airports.  They're great because there are no small pieces and they can be kept out until the last minute then haphardly shoved into a backpack in time to board.

They're also fun for me and Arthur to play with.  If you've never tried, have the dolls take on whatever poor behavior your kids have been exhibiting lately and watch your kids learn to laugh at themselves while you let off some steam.  It's hilarious and entertaining for everyone involved. Just be prepared to have the tables turned on you!

These particular dolls were given with a refurbished wood ship and a basic castle.  India is already asking for more, especially more princess babies. This one needs company when going to the ice cream shop, you know!

Did you play with peg dolls growing up? Do your kids play with them now?