And the Race Begins!


Everybody's holiday season is busy, and we are no exception.  There are decorations to hang, travel to arrange OR travelers to plan for, cookies to make, shopping to be done, presents to wrap, parties to attend, and cards to send out.  

Of course, added to the normal hubbub, I have my son, my daughter, and my husband's birthday during December.  And yesterday, I was asked to plan a wedding.  On the other side of the country.

My plate is full, but here's how I'm going to handle it: I'm going to take it one event at a time.  I'm keeping everything (even the wedding) simple, so that the beautiful touches can take center stage.  I'm going to jog and meditate every day, because even though they both use up time, I feel as if my day is longer and more productive when I do.  And finally, I'm going to remind myself each and every day that the important thing is to spend quality time with my friends and family, especially amid chaos.  They recharge my batteries and remind me why I plan these events in the first place.

Xavier's birthday is the first event.  He's turning 4 this year, and his birthday party theme is sports (which even blew pirates out of the water, reminding us that he truly is a "sportsman").  His invitations are sent and the venue is booked (the venue is our family room, since basketball is in full swing and all gymnasiums are reserved).  Now, for the details...