Our First Christmas: Christmas Cards

photo 2.JPG

          The Christmas season is a wonderful time of year, especially for a new couple, like my boyfriend and I. Since it’s our first Christmas together, we have a goal of making it as special as possible. For sentimental reasons, as well as being a frugal, college-aged, couple, we decided it’s in our best interests to have a homemade Christmas. Our first project of the year is our Christmas card. I spent days searching Pinterest for inspiration for a unique card that showed off our personalities. Before I knew it, I had a perfect image of our dream card in my head. Not only did it prove to turn out to be aesthetically pleasing, but also very inexpensive. 

          We began with a blank greeting card. Once we designed and printed out the inside Christmas greeting, we covered the outside in blue cardstock for a boarder. After adding a white backing, we cut out a Christmas tree shape from a book, we chose the classic A Christmas Carol. Once cut out and glued on the card, we added the finishing touch, a star on top of the tree, which we made by using a star-shaped hole-punch and shiny, gold scrapbook paper.

          Overall, we designed a beautiful, unique Christmas card that showed of our literary love, all for around 50 cents per card! Not only did we were impressed by what we were able to create, but it left us inspired for all of our future Christmas creations. This week, we’ll be creating our Christmas ornaments, which we are already incredibly excited to share with everyone!